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4 Oct 2012

Police Safely Subdue Man Wielding a Machete

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(Fort Myers, FL: October 3, 2012) - On Wednesday, October 03, 2012 at 7:22 a.m. a man entered the Fort Myers Police Department and asked to speak to an officer. He then took a seat in the lobby. Two officers entered the building for unrelated business when one of them observed the man sitting in a chair armed with a silver machete. The man quickly stood-up and began to swing the machete at the officers.

The officers encouraged the man to drop the weapon while stating they could help him. But after several loud verbal commands to drop the machete, the man began to advance towards the officers still swinging his machete. One of the officers deployed his Electronic Control Weapon (ECW) but the machete cut the line and it was ineffective. Several more officers responded to the lobby to assist in the apprehension. Lieutenant Randy Jelks deployed his department issued ECW, hitting the man in the upper torso causing him to fall to the ground and drop the machete. The man continued to actively fight the officers by kicking and flailing his legs. Officers had to carry him to a patrol car to be transported to the jail.

“The officers involved in this incident are to be commended for their actions,” said Chief Doug Baker. “They showed great restraint and calm in an extremely volatile situation. Today’s incident is evident that our training and crisis intervention skills were effective in preventing injury and loss of life.”

While at the Lee County Jail officers discovered that the original name the perpetrator provided to them was false.  A fingerprint scanner identified him as DeJuan Anderson (d.o.b. 4-30-92 of Fort Myers).   Officers arrested Anderson for assault on an officer, resisting arrest without violence and providing a false name to a law enforcement officer. Anderson did not provide police with an explanation for his actions.

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