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14 Jan 2014

Police Remove Guns from City Streets

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The Fort Myers Police Department is committed to apprehending those who unlawfully possess firearms in the city limits. Undercover vice and uniformed patrol personnel removed 196 guns from City streets during the 2013 campaign. Operation Safe Neighborhood is a proactive approach to reduce crime and improve quality of life in the City of Fort Myers. A task force of highly trained members of the police department work to identify and arrest persons that commit violent crimes in addition to those that illegally possess firearms. Furthermore, gun interdiction and directed patrols by the Violent Crimes Task Force have netted the following in 2013:

  • 20,237 Citizen Contacts
  • 3,145 Traffic Stops
  • 2,263 Traffic Tickets
  • 968 Arrests
  • 989 Felony Charges
  • $44,440 Seized Cash

Chief Doug Baker unveiled the operation to community leaders in 2008 and says, “The Violent Crimes Task Force is just one strategy put in place to help reduce violent crime in the city. We equally value the other spokes in the wheel such as community policing, initiatives to strengthen community relationships and the partnerships with our colleagues on the local, state and federal level.” Baker adds, “The reduction in violent crime is done primarily through good police work but still requires assistance from the citizens and residents in the City of Fort Myers.”

During 2013 homicides were reduced by 58% citywide. A total of 1,801 guns have been removed from City streets since the effort began in 2008.

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