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Police Athletic League (P.A.L.)

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PAL is a not-for-profit organization serving 400+ youth annually by providing athletic, educational and social programs to area children. PAL is a 501(c)(3)not-for-profit organization. tax ID#650118480. A donation of any amount is appreciated.

The Fort Myers Police Athletic League (PAL) prides itself on providing social, cultural, recreational, and educational programs, events, and activities for youth within the City of Fort Myers at little to no cost. PAL strives to mentor and teach strong character skills such as teamwork, honesty and integrity. Our educational activities expose youth to positive experiences many have not encountered before.

PAL strives to connect law enforcement and youth in a positive way. PAL utilizes athletics as well as recreational and educational activities to instill positive life principles and character building tools. 

PAL is a not for profit organization which promotes partnerships between youth, law enforcement, and the community through educational, athletic, and recreational programs designed to encourage team building and foster positive relationships. 

Many programs are coached or chaperoned by committed police officers who believe in the philosophy that to build a better future for Fort Myers, you have to start with the youth. Police officers and other responsible adults volunteer their time to lead the activities. The practices and events give children fun activities to participate in and keep them busy. At the same time, the officers serve as positive role models for the youngsters. 

The goal of PAL is to enable all young people to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens: 

"Every child deserves an opportunity to realize their potential. It is amazing to watch these kids grow, learn and develop confidence. They are the leaders of tomorrow. We are challenging you, the members of this community, to support our future leaders." 

PAL holds many different types of boys & girls youth sporting events along with many other enriching youth educational activities that are conducted in a safe, supervised environment. PAL events are held at various locations throughout the state giving youth the opportunity to visit new places and broaden their horizons. 

The Fort Myers Police Department's Police Athletic League (PAL) offers sports, educational, social and other recreational activities for boys and girls ages 8 to 17: 


One of Fort Myers PAL's most popular programs is boxing. The success of this program is due to the boxers practicing 5 days a week where the focus is commitment, discipline and working hard to reach their goals. Fun, exciting and challenging, our program incorporates a diversity of physical, social and mental skills. 

Boxing has a long tradition of serving our youth by introducing tools for self-discipline, character-building and dedication to a greater goal. Boxing remains an important outlet for many kids who don't have interest in team sports. Learning how to box has long been a way of teaching youth fundamental life skills they will use the rest of their lives. It includes Boxing Skill Development - learn proper boxing stance, footwork and individual /combination punching. Develop defense skills, mental focus, and learn blocks and slips. Youth workout using the heavy bag, target mitt work, and situation sparring. As well it provides excellent conditioning - rope jumping, calisthenics, and drills. 

The boxers are able to workout at our Golfview Annex facility. This facility is fully equipped with a boxing ring, heavy bags, speed bags and personal boxing gear. Coaches are certified and have many years of experience to maximize your boxing knowledge and techniques. 


Girls Basketball Teams practice at Dunbar High School; there are 10 & under teams, 12 & under teams and 14 & under teams. 

We encourage ALL youth to join our league in an effort to channel their energy in a positive way. Our coaches are experienced in working with youth, and have been successful in guiding our players on a constructive path through mentoring. As a result of this program, many of our players have obtained better conflict resolution skills, adopted positive attitudes, embraced team building, and conducted themselves with more dignity and respect—positive changes that have happened in a very short period of time.


PAL has exciting opportunities for youth to learn and play the nation's national pastime. 

The Baseball Teams are able to practice at the STARS Complex 2980 Edison Ave. PAL Baseball teaches young people the social skills needed in life through the time-honored traditions such as teamwork, fair play, and sportsmanship and was created to offer any eligible child with a desire to play, an opportunity to be a part of a team, regardless of their individual skill level. Participants also compete in Major League Baseball’s “Pitch, Hit and Run” program. Baseball season runs from January through May. 


PAL Track & Field program is well-organized and competitive with an emphasis placed on having a good time and helping kids build their self-esteem and confidence by discovering their potential for personal improvement in athletic performances. Coaching includes sprints, middle distance, walk/run and long jump. Youth will have the opportunity to learn the skills involved in track and field and then compete at their own age level. Introducing kids to the fun of running at a young age is an exciting way to help them develop healthy habits that they will stick with for life. The season schedule includes several out of town meets. PAL is currently recruiting a new coach. 


The PAL Flag Football Program serves as a core sport for the spring/summer season. The program focuses on basic football skills, fundamentals and conditioning while teaching sportsmanship and teamwork. Flag football provides young players the opportunity to engage in non-contact, action while learning teamwork. Teams are made up of youth 14 years of age and younger. PAL hosts the NFL Punt, Pass & Kick competition; this free event for children ages 6 -15 takes place at the Billy Bowlegs/PAL Park located at 851 Marsh Avenue each summer. 

Flag Football season runs from June through July. 


Members take trips to Orlando and other cities to attend leadership conferences which provide the youth with enrichment of becoming great leaders in the community. 

Youth Directors are aspiring leaders that desire to give back to the community by performing community service and learning how to develop skills in order to better their lives and effect change. Participants gain an appreciation for community service, its positive results and its’ importance to our great country.

When our Youth Directors serve the community, their good deeds are beneficial not only to the people they help, but also to the Youth Directors themselves. When many hands work together much gets accomplished. That’s what the Police Athletic League Youth Directors are finding out as they pool their strengths and talents for their local and regional projects.

An annual Youth Directors Conference (YDC) is held once a year at Walt Disney World in Orlando where all the local Youth Directors Councils from all six (6) Florida PAL regions get together for group training, interaction, motivation, and fun. All Youth Directors involved in the conference receive a minimum of five (5) hours of training each day in a classroom like setting conducive to learning and sharing.


Field Trips are some of the things you can be involved with at PAL; PAL takes a number of field trips throughout the year. For many PAL youth, attending a PAL Tournament may be the first time they have left the city or neighborhood and by supporting PAL, you are enabling us to create opportunities for Fort Myers’ youth to participate in positive activities and reducing juvenile crime. For more information contact Officer Johnny Seay at 239-707-3945.

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