21 Nov 2012

Salary & Benefits

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Starting:....................$39,540 (FL Certified)

Sworn members negotiated a 10-year step pay plan that maximizes at $62,524

Health Insurance (All Employees)
Members may choose from a variety of health insurance plans offered by the city. Optional dependent coverage is available at an additional cost. Members can choose to receive $100 bi-weekly or have the city pay 70% of their dependent insurance coverage. Dental coverage is also available for an additional cost.

Pay for Experience
Members that are hired with prior experience are compensated with higher pay steps according to their experience.
Those candidates coming to the agency with 3-4 years prior full time experience will start at 3% above the starting pay, those candidates with 5-10 years prior full time experience will start at 6% above the starting pay, and those candidates with over 11 years full time experience will start at 9% above the starting pay.

Shift Differential Pay
Members are paid a 3% shift differential for working 3p - 3a shifts and a 5% shift differential for working the 6p - 6a patrol shifts.

Holiday and Birthday Pay (All Employees)
The City of Fort Myers observes 11 holidays that the member can receive extra pay or time off for. In addition, the member is given holiday pay for their birthday.

Salary Incentive Pay
Members may earn up to a $120 a month supplement based on incentive training received. This amount can be increased to $130 a month if the member holds a Bachelor's Degree & has completed the incentive training

Wellness Program
Members are provided a detailed annual physical by a licensed physician. Examinations include vision, hearing, blood, urine, tuberculosis screening, chest x-ray, E.K.G..etc.

Take-home vehicles
Members are provided a take-home vehicle in various specialty positions. The agency is working toward a program that would give members with 3 or more years of service a take-home vehicle. Although not guaranteed, we hope to have enough vehicles in the fleet to expand the program each year.

Seniority Benefit
Members receive an annual payment between 1.5% and 3.5% of their salary, based on seniority, every December. This benefit begins after the completion of 5 years of service.

Life Insurance
A coverage amount equal to one year's salary is provided effective on the date of hire with a double indemnity in the event of accidental death or disability, both on or off-duty. Florida law provides $25,000 accidental death in the line of duty and $25,000 fresh pursuit death in the line of duty, as well as $75,000 unlawful death insurance. Supplemental coverage is also available

Members may retire with 25 years of service (or at age 55) and collect 3.24% of their average monthly salary multiplied by the number of credited service years (81% of their high five average). Members are vested at 5 years. Due to the enhanced retirement system members are eligible for an early retirement 15 years (with a penalty) and are paid an additional $290 a month supplement to help defer medical insurance costs.

Deferred Compensation (All Employees)
Department offers a supplemental retirement program where members can make investments with their pay before taxes are withdrawn.

All officers are fully provided with uniforms, weapons, vest, laptop computer (depending on assignment), and other necessary equipment during their entire career.

College Tuition Plan
Members attending college may be reimbursed the full cost of books and tuition, at the Florida Gulf Coast University rate, for a degree up to and including a Master’s Degree.

Overtime Pay (All Employees)
Members working overtime will be compensated at a rate of time and one-half rate.

Court Time
Members attending court, on their own time, as a result of actions taken in their official capacity, will be reimbursed at a rate of time and one half of their hourly rate for a minimum of three hours regardless of the time they are required in court.

Sick Time Conversion Program (All Employees)
Members may convert sick time into vacation time up to 40 hours annually once 580 hours have been accrued.

Sick Time Accrual (All Employees)
Members accrue 96 hours of sick time each year and upon retirement receive a lump sum payment of 1/3 of the their sick time.

Comp Time Conversion Program (All Employees)
Members can accrue up to 120 hours of comp time annually.

Vacation Accrual Rate
1 - 2 years 80 hours
3 - 4 years 100 hours
5 - 9 years 130 hours
10 - 19 years 170 hours
20 years 180 hours

This is only a summary of benefits based on the member's collective bargaining agreement. Please consult the agreement before making decisions based upon this summary.

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